Homeless Guy and Pie (From my Book titled, “End of the World Cookbook Recipes for Unconditional Love in a New Age”

A Recipe for A Random Act of Kindness


Twice this recipe was used and inspired by my husband.  The first time was in Nevada when we were traveling and living out of a jeep gladiator pickup with a camper shell.  We had been driving along interstate 395 and in the middle of nowhere desert on our way to Golconda to hang out with vegetarian farmer friends of ours.   The sky was a nasty gray with billowing darkness and we had a few drops hitting out windshield like bullets.  There in the middle of nowhere appeared a shabby bearded fellow draped in a blanket or maybe plastic tarp with his thumb out.  We passed him by and my husband reiterated a story he told me about a hitch hiker he picked up once who burned a hole in his back seat of his Impala.  The weather became torrential and we decided to stop and have a cup of Joe at a casino coffee shop in Winnemucca. As we sat down at this table in the round counter, there—across from us, was that shaggy fellow we left in our dust.  He had just been sitting with nothing in front of him except flatware and a glass of H20 so we decided to buy him a complete meal including a beautiful piece of apple pie—incognito.  The waitress was given explicit instructions from us to not tell him where his meal was coming from.  We sat and watch him eat each course while we sipped our refills.  We left before him and decided that it wasn’t to alleviate our guilt of not picking him up but that we truly needed to help someone in need.  He was our target of giving unconditionally.




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